1999 Chevy Suburban Battery Size

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If you own a 1999 Chevy Suburban, it’s important to know the correct battery size for your vehicle. The battery is a crucial component that powers your car’s electrical system, providing the necessary energy to start the engine and run various accessories. In this article, we will discuss the recommended battery size for the 1999 Chevy Suburban and provide some tips for choosing the right battery for your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Battery Size

The 1999 Chevy Suburban requires a battery with specific dimensions and power specifications to ensure optimal performance. The recommended battery size for this vehicle is Group 78, which has the following dimensions: length 10.9 inches, width 7.1 inches, and height 7.8 inches. It is important to choose a battery that fits snugly in the battery tray to prevent any movement or damage while driving.

Battery Capacity and Cold Cranking Amps

When selecting a battery for your 1999 Chevy Suburban, it is also important to consider the battery’s capacity and cold cranking amps (CCA). The capacity refers to the amount of charge the battery can store, while the CCA determines the battery’s ability to start the engine in cold temperatures. For the 1999 Chevy Suburban, a battery with a capacity of at least 70 ampere-hours (Ah) and a CCA of 650 or higher is recommended.

Battery Brands and Warranty

There are several reputable battery brands available in the market that offer batteries suitable for the 1999 Chevy Suburban. Some popular brands include AC Delco, Optima, and Interstate. It is advisable to choose a battery from a well-known brand that offers a warranty, as this ensures that you are protected in case of any defects or issues with the battery. Most batteries come with a warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement

To prolong the life of your battery, it is important to perform regular maintenance. This includes keeping the battery terminals clean and free from corrosion, checking the battery’s fluid levels (if applicable), and ensuring that the battery is securely fastened in the battery tray. If you notice any signs of a weak battery, such as slow cranking or dimming headlights, it may be time to replace the battery.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a suitable battery for your 1999 Chevy Suburban from various sources. Auto parts stores, such as AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts, carry a wide range of batteries that fit the specifications of the 1999 Chevy Suburban. Additionally, you can also consider purchasing a battery online from reputable retailers like Amazon or directly from the manufacturer’s website.


Choosing the right battery size for your 1999 Chevy Suburban is crucial for optimal performance and reliability. By selecting a battery that meets the recommended specifications, you can ensure that your vehicle starts smoothly and all electrical accessories function as intended. Regular battery maintenance and timely replacement when necessary are also essential to prolonging the life of your battery. Remember to choose a reputable brand that offers a warranty to protect your investment. Happy driving!