Are There Free Audio Books On Spotify?

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With the rise in popularity of audiobooks, many people are wondering if they can find free audio books on Spotify. Spotify is primarily known as a music streaming platform, but it also offers a wide range of podcasts and other audio content. In this article, we will explore whether or not Spotify provides free audio books and how you can access them if they are available.

Exploring the Spotify Library

When you open the Spotify app, you will notice that the majority of the content is focused on music. However, if you navigate to the “Browse” section and search for “audiobooks,” you may find a limited selection of free audio books. Keep in mind that the availability of free audio books on Spotify may vary depending on your location and the agreements the platform has with publishers.

Popular Audiobook Channels on Spotify

While Spotify does not have an extensive collection of free audio books, there are a few popular channels that offer a selection of audiobooks. These channels, such as Librivox and Loyal Books, curate public domain audiobooks that are available for free. You can access these channels by searching for their names in the Spotify app and exploring their libraries.

Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks on Spotify

One of the main advantages of using Spotify for audiobooks is the convenience. If you are already a Spotify user, you don’t need to download a separate app or create a new account to access audiobooks. Additionally, Spotify allows you to create playlists and save your favorite audiobooks, making it easy to keep track of your progress.

Premium vs. Free Listening Experience

While Spotify offers a free listening experience, it is important to note that there are limitations. With a free account, you will encounter ads and have limited control over the playback. To enjoy an uninterrupted and ad-free listening experience, you may consider upgrading to Spotify Premium. The premium subscription also allows you to download audiobooks for offline listening.

Alternative Platforms for Free Audiobooks

If you are unable to find your desired audiobooks on Spotify or if you prefer a wider selection, there are alternative platforms dedicated to free audiobooks. Websites such as Librivox, Project Gutenberg, and Open Culture offer a vast collection of audiobooks that you can download or stream for free. These platforms often feature classics and public domain books.


While Spotify may not be the go-to platform for free audio books, it does offer a limited selection of audiobooks through channels like Librivox and Loyal Books. If you are already a Spotify user, it can be a convenient option for accessing audiobooks without the need for additional apps or accounts. However, if you are looking for a broader range of audiobooks, it is worth exploring dedicated platforms like Librivox and Project Gutenberg. Happy listening!

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