Bonne Bell Products Of The 70’S: A Nostalgic Journey

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The Iconic Bonne Bell Brand

When it comes to beauty products that defined the 70’s, Bonne Bell is a name that instantly comes to mind. This iconic brand was known for its innovative and affordable products that captured the essence of the era. From lip smackers to blushes, Bonne Bell had it all.

Lip Smackers: The Ultimate Lip Balm

One of the most popular Bonne Bell products of the 70’s was Lip Smackers. These deliciously scented lip balms became a sensation among teenagers and young adults. With flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and cotton candy, Lip Smackers were not just a beauty essential but also a fun accessory.

The Blushing Brilliance

In addition to lip balms, Bonne Bell offered a wide range of blushes that became a staple for many women in the 70’s. The blushes came in various shades, from subtle pinks to vibrant oranges, allowing individuals to experiment and express their personal style.

Eye-Catching Eye Shadows

No makeup look in the 70’s was complete without a touch of color on the eyelids. Bonne Bell’s eye shadows were highly pigmented and offered a diverse range of shades. From earthy browns to bold blues, these eye shadows allowed individuals to create unique and captivating looks.

Beauty Tips: How to Achieve the 70’s Look

If you want to recreate the iconic 70’s look using Bonne Bell products, here are a few tips:

1. Start with a Flawless Base

Apply a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to achieve a natural and dewy finish. The 70’s were all about embracing your natural beauty.

2. Pop of Color on the Cheeks

Apply a vibrant blush on the apples of your cheeks to achieve that youthful and rosy glow.

3. Play with Bold Eye Shadows

Experiment with bold and bright eye shadow colors. Apply a neutral shade on the crease and a vibrant color on the lid for a stunning contrast.

4. Complete the Look with Lip Smackers

Finish off your 70’s-inspired look with a Lip Smacker of your choice. The sweet scent and glossy finish will add the perfect touch of nostalgia.


Bonne Bell products of the 70’s were more than just beauty essentials. They were a reflection of the carefree and vibrant spirit of the era. Whether it was the iconic Lip Smackers or the diverse range of blushes and eye shadows, Bonne Bell truly captured the essence of the 70’s. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic, why not recreate the iconic looks using these timeless products?