Calories In Taco Bell Mexican Pizza With Beans No Meat

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories & Nutrition Facts (Chart)
Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories & Nutrition Facts (Chart) from


Taco Bell is a popular fast food chain known for its Mexican-inspired menu items. One of the most beloved options is the Mexican Pizza. However, if you’re a vegetarian or simply looking to reduce your meat intake, you may be wondering about the calorie content of the Mexican Pizza with beans and no meat. In this article, we will explore the nutritional information of this particular menu item.

Calories in Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

The calorie content of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza can vary depending on the ingredients and modifications. However, if you opt for the no-meat version with beans, the calorie count is significantly lower compared to the traditional recipe.

Calories in the Mexican Pizza Shell

The Mexican Pizza shell itself contributes to the overall calorie count. It is made from a flour tortilla that is fried until crispy. On average, the shell contains around 150 calories.

Calories in the Beans

The beans used in the Mexican Pizza are a great source of protein and fiber. They also help to reduce the overall calorie count of the dish. The beans contribute approximately 110 calories to the Mexican Pizza.

Calories in the Cheese

One of the key ingredients in the Mexican Pizza is the cheese. While it adds flavor and richness to the dish, it also adds calories. The cheese used in Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza contains around 100 calories.

Calories in the Sauce and Toppings

The sauce and additional toppings on the Mexican Pizza can vary based on personal preference. However, the standard toppings include tomatoes, onions, and Taco Bell’s signature red sauce. These toppings add minimal calories to the overall dish.

Total Calorie Count

When you add up the calories from the shell, beans, cheese, and toppings, the total calorie count for a Mexican Pizza with beans and no meat is approximately 360 calories.


If you’re looking for a vegetarian option at Taco Bell, the Mexican Pizza with beans and no meat is a delicious choice. With a total calorie count of around 360 calories, it can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Remember, the final calorie count may vary based on ingredient modifications and additional toppings.

Tips for Customizing Your Mexican Pizza

If you want to further personalize your Mexican Pizza, here are some tips:

Adding Vegetables

Consider adding extra vegetables like bell peppers, jalapenos, or even spinach to boost the nutritional value of your Mexican Pizza. These additions will add minimal calories but enhance the flavor and texture of the dish.

Choosing a Healthier Shell

If you’re watching your calorie intake, you can opt for a whole wheat tortilla or a lower-fat version to reduce the calorie content of your Mexican Pizza.

Reducing Cheese

If you’re looking to cut back on calories, you can ask for less cheese or even opt for a lighter cheese option. This will help to reduce the overall calorie count while still enjoying the cheesy goodness.

Controlling Portion Size

Remember that portion size plays a crucial role in calorie intake. If you’re concerned about calories, consider sharing the Mexican Pizza with a friend or ordering a smaller size.

By making these simple modifications, you can enjoy a customized Mexican Pizza that fits your dietary preferences and calorie goals.