Fallout 76 Asbestos Farming

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Fallout 76 Asbestos Farming

The Importance of Asbestos in Fallout 76

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76, asbestos is a valuable and sought-after resource. This mineral is used for crafting various items, including armor, weapons, and building materials. Asbestos provides excellent fire and heat resistance, making it an essential component in protecting survivors from the hazardous environment they find themselves in.

Where to Find Asbestos

Asbestos can be found in a variety of locations throughout the game world. One of the most reliable sources is the Charleston Fire Department, located in the Ash Heap region. Here, you can find asbestos in the form of asbestos scraps or intact items, such as firefighter uniforms or gas masks. Be sure to thoroughly search the area, including lockers, desks, and containers.

Other Locations for Asbestos

Aside from the Charleston Fire Department, several other locations are known to have asbestos. The Watoga Emergency Services building is another excellent spot to find this valuable resource. Additionally, exploring the various mines in the Ash Heap region, such as the Beckley Mine Exhibit or the Hornwright Testing Site, can yield asbestos-rich deposits.

Tips for Efficient Asbestos Farming

When looking for asbestos, it’s important to optimize your farming efforts to maximize your yield. Here are a few tips to help you farm asbestos more efficiently:

1. Use Scrapper Perk Card

The Scrapper Perk Card is a must-have for any resource farmer. By equipping this perk card, you’ll have a higher chance of obtaining rare materials like asbestos when scrapping items. Make sure to level up this perk card to increase your chances even further.

2. Equip Excavator Power Armor

The Excavator Power Armor provides a bonus to mining yield, which includes resources like asbestos. By wearing this power armor, you’ll be able to extract more asbestos from the various mining nodes scattered throughout the game world.

3. Check Player Vendors

Don’t forget to check player vendors in the game’s trading hubs. Other players might sell asbestos at reasonable prices, saving you time and effort spent on farming. Keep an eye out for camps that specialize in selling crafting materials or rare resources.


Asbestos is a valuable resource in Fallout 76, used for crafting essential items to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. By knowing where to find asbestos and implementing efficient farming strategies, you’ll be able to gather this resource more effectively. Whether you’re looking to enhance your armor or build a fire-resistant structure, asbestos is a key component that should not be overlooked.