How To Put A Subaru Outback In Neutral With A Dead Battery

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Having a dead battery in your Subaru Outback can be a frustrating situation, especially when you need to move the vehicle. However, there is a way to put the car in neutral even when the battery is dead. This article will guide you through the steps to safely accomplish this task.

Step 1: Locate the Manual Transmission Shift Lever

If your Subaru Outback has a manual transmission, finding the shift lever is the first step. It is usually located on the center console or the floor between the driver and passenger seats. The shift lever looks like a long stick with a knob on top.

Step 2: Engage the Parking Brake

Before attempting to put the car in neutral, make sure to engage the parking brake. This will prevent the car from rolling or moving unexpectedly. Pull up the parking brake lever or press the parking brake button, depending on the model of your Subaru Outback.

Step 3: Remove the Shift Knob Cover

Some Subaru Outback models have a shift knob cover that needs to be removed before accessing the shift mechanism. Carefully pry off the cover using a flathead screwdriver or your fingers, exposing the shift knob.

Step 4: Locate the Shift Lock Override Slot

If your Subaru Outback has an automatic transmission, you will need to locate the shift lock override slot. This slot is usually located on the center console, near the shift lever. It is a small opening where you can insert a key or a small screwdriver to release the shift lock mechanism.

Step 5: Insert a Key or Screwdriver into the Shift Lock Override Slot

Insert the key or screwdriver into the shift lock override slot and push down. This will release the shift lock mechanism, allowing you to move the shift lever into neutral.

Step 6: Move the Shift Lever to Neutral

With the shift lock mechanism released, you can now move the shift lever to the neutral position. Push the lever forward and backward until it clicks into place.

Step 7: Release the Parking Brake

Once the car is in neutral, you can release the parking brake. This will allow the vehicle to move freely, either by pushing it or towing it.

Step 8: Use Caution When Moving the Vehicle

When moving a Subaru Outback with a dead battery, it’s important to exercise caution. Whether you are pushing the car or towing it, be aware of your surroundings and take necessary safety precautions.

Step 9: Seek Professional Assistance

If you are unable to put your Subaru Outback in neutral with a dead battery or feel uncomfortable doing so, it is recommended to seek professional assistance. A certified mechanic or towing service can safely move your vehicle without causing any damage.

Step 10: Prevent Future Dead Battery Situations

To avoid being in a similar situation in the future, it’s essential to take preventive measures. Regularly check your battery’s condition and consider replacing it if necessary. Additionally, ensure that all electrical components, such as headlights and interior lights, are turned off when the car is not in use.

By following these steps, you can put your Subaru Outback in neutral with a dead battery and safely move the vehicle when needed. Remember to exercise caution and seek professional assistance if necessary.