Subnautica: How To Change Battery

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Subnautica is an immersive underwater survival game that has captivated players since its release. One essential aspect of the game is managing your resources, particularly your batteries. In this article, we will guide you on how to change batteries in Subnautica, ensuring that your equipment stays powered up and ready for action.

Locating Batteries

In Subnautica, batteries are scattered throughout the game world, and you can find them in various places. These include wreckages, abandoned bases, and even within certain creatures such as the Stalkers. Keep an eye out for these locations as you explore the depths of the ocean.

Removing the Old Battery

To change a battery, you first need to locate the device or equipment that requires a battery replacement. Once you have identified it, approach the device and interact with it. A prompt should appear, allowing you to remove the old battery.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to remove the old battery. Be careful not to damage the device while doing so, as some equipment may be fragile and require gentle handling.

Inserting the New Battery

Now that you have removed the old battery, it’s time to insert the new one. Make sure you have a spare battery in your inventory. Approach the device again and interact with it. This time, you will be prompted to insert a new battery.

Select the new battery from your inventory and confirm the action. The new battery should now be successfully inserted into the device, providing it with the power it needs to function.

Managing Battery Life

As you progress through Subnautica, you will encounter various tools and equipment that rely on batteries. It is essential to manage your battery life effectively to avoid being stranded without power in critical situations.

Always keep a few spare batteries in your inventory, especially during longer exploration trips. This will ensure that you have a backup power source when your current battery runs out.

Charging Batteries

In addition to finding new batteries, you can also recharge them. To do this, you will need a Battery Charger, which can be constructed using the appropriate blueprint. Once you have a Battery Charger, simply place your depleted batteries into the device, and they will gradually recharge over time.


Knowing how to change batteries in Subnautica is crucial for maintaining the functionality of your equipment. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily replace old batteries with new ones and ensure that your devices are always powered up and ready for use. Remember to manage your battery life effectively and consider constructing a Battery Charger to recharge depleted batteries. Dive into the depths of Subnautica with confidence, knowing that your equipment will never run out of power!