What Does Shell Bell Do?

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Shell Bell is an item in the Pokémon games that has been around since 2004. It is a held item that can be given to a Pokémon to boost its abilities during battles. In this article, we will explore what the Shell Bell does and how it can impact your gameplay strategy.

How Does Shell Bell Work?

The Shell Bell is a unique item that activates whenever the Pokémon holding it successfully lands an attack on an opponent. When this happens, the Shell Bell restores a portion of the Pokémon’s HP based on the damage dealt. It provides a 1/8th HP recovery, making it a valuable item to have in battles.

Benefits of Using Shell Bell

There are several benefits to equipping a Pokémon with the Shell Bell:

  • HP Recovery: The most obvious benefit is the HP recovery it provides. This can be crucial during battles, especially when your Pokémon is low on health.
  • Consistent Healing: Unlike other healing items that require you to use them manually, the Shell Bell automatically triggers whenever your Pokémon lands an attack. This means you don’t have to waste a turn on healing.
  • Increased Survivability: By restoring HP after each successful attack, the Shell Bell helps your Pokémon stay in battle longer, increasing its chances of winning.

Strategies for Using Shell Bell

Here are some strategies for effectively using the Shell Bell:

  1. High Damage Pokémon: The Shell Bell works best on Pokémon that can deal high damage. The more damage your Pokémon deals, the more HP it will recover.
  2. Combining with Other Items: The Shell Bell can be combined with other items like the Leftovers or Black Sludge to further enhance your Pokémon’s survivability.
  3. Use with Attack Boosting Moves: Moves that boost your Pokémon’s attack, such as Swords Dance or Dragon Dance, can maximize the HP recovery from the Shell Bell.


The Shell Bell is a useful item in the Pokémon games that provides HP recovery after each successful attack. It can greatly enhance your Pokémon’s survivability and increase its chances of winning battles. By using the Shell Bell strategically and combining it with other items and moves, you can create a formidable team that is difficult to defeat. So, don’t overlook the power of the Shell Bell in your Pokémon battles!